UMW Sale Consignor Agreement


Only in season clothing accepted.  No stains, tears, missing buttons, broken zippers, etc.  Clothing should be clean and free of smoke, pet odor/hair.

Clothing should be securely attached to hangers with large safety pins to prevent loss or damage.

Please use picture as guideline for tagging.


Consignment Tags

Only clothing to Size 16 is accepted.  Do not mark items Small, Medium, or Large – Use # for easier sorting.

Maternity Wear limited to 10 items (fashionable, gently worn.)

A good guideline for pricing is 25%-30% of original price for most items.  Large items such as cribs, strollers, exersaucers, etc. 40% of original price.

Blankets, crib sets, belts, hair bows should be in plastic bags.  Use zip ties to secure shoes.  Attach tag with clear packing tape.

Toys should include batteries if needed.  All toys, books, DVD’s must be in excellent condition.  Attach tag with clear packing tape.

Equipment and Furniture must meet state laws.  You are responsible for assembly at drop-off.  Car seats must be less than 5 years old and meet all state laws.  All parts must be included in a plastic bag attached to large items.  Attach with clear packing tape.

Consignors will have items separated into categories before check-in.

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT:  Bibs, Bottles, Cups, Diapers, Pacifiers, Underwear, or Stuffed Animals.


Unsold items between 2:00-3:00 PM on Saturday or any items not picked up by 3PM will be donated to Bethel UMW missions.

VOLUNTEERS:  Volunteers who work 6 hours of service can shop early.

CONSIGNOR INFO:  Consignors will receive 65% of profits.  Remaining 35% Bethel United Methodist Women will distribute to Bethel UMW mission. First 135 consignors accepted with a maximum of 250 items.

Volunteers pre-sale shopping Thursday, 3-5 PM

Consignors pre-sale shopping Thursday, 5-8 PM

Click Here to Download this Consignor Agreement as a Word document