Youth Programs

Youth Breakaway

Wednesday nights start at 7:00 PM with Youth Breakaway, which consists of worship being led by our youth director, Chad Deetz, a study of a passage of scripture, and playing games.  Join us to get in on the fun. After Youth Breakaway, we have Youth Connection, which is a time to enjoy a snack and fellowship with your peers.


On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of every month, we have D-Groups. The D stands for Discipleship. This is a time where you split up into groups in people’s homes by gender and grade level and have devotion time with each other. If you are wondering where your D-Group meets, call the church office.

Sunday Night Live

On the 4th Sunday night of the month, we have Sunday Night Live which has a format is very similar to Youth Breakaway. We will have a short devotional and then spend time hanging out and playing some fun games.