Youth Programs

Youth Breakaway

Wednesday nights start at 7:15pm with Youth Breakaway, which consists of worship being led by our youth praise band, fun games to be played, and a study of a passage of scripture each week. Join us to get in on the fun. After Youth Breakaway, we have Youth Connection, which is a time to enjoy a snack and fellowship with your peers.


On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of every month, we have D-Groups. The D stands for Discipleship. This is a time where you split up into groups in people’s homes by gender and grade level and have devotion time with each other. If you are wondering where your D-Group meets, call the church office.

Sunday Night Live / Boys/Girls Fellowship

On the 4th Sunday of every month, we alternate between Sunday Night Live or our Boys/Girls Fellowship. At Sunday Night live, we will spend most of the time hanging out and playing some fun games, as well as having a short devotional. During our Boys/Girls Fellowship, we will split up into an all girls group and an all guys group. The Girls will meet in the Young Adult Class and will be led by Elizabeth Watson and Jana Mathis. The Guys will meet in the Blue Room of the Youth Department. Everyone brings their own dinner.