Bethel has multiple adult Sunday school classes from which to choose.  While the ages of the members and the materials used will vary, all are welcoming and provide a great way to grow in understanding and love of God.  In addition, they are a place for fellowship and fun!


The Builders Class consists of mixed ages (50+), singles, and married couples who participate in the many missions and programs at Bethel UMC.  Members of the class serve as teachers each Sunday and we use the UMC adult lesson book. As we serve our God and study His Word we share, care, love, and support each other, our church and our community. We also enjoy opportunities for fellowship together at our Christmas and Valentine’s parties and other class outings.


The Discovery Class is a mixed age group with parents of pre-K through high school.

New Beginnings

We are a fun, laid back group of mostly 30 and 40 year-olds who participate in discussion style lessons.  Each teacher/family volunteers 1 month to teach and selects the lesson materials and topics. We are a social group and enjoy time together outside the church when our  schedules allow.

 New Life

Our class format is open discussion led by a rotating group of facilitators who use the UMC adult lesson book.  We are a fun group who are mostly in our 40s with open doors to everyone.  Coffee!


We are an active mixed age (mostly older) group who invites everyone to join!  Our teachers rotate and we use the UMC adult lesson book. Some of the activities of our members include participating in the Adult Choir, Comfort and Joy ministry, Stitch One, Pray One ministry, UMCOR, Adult Senior Council, and Mobile Meals.  We also support Sidewalk Hope, St. Jude’s, and other groups or individuals as voted on by the class. In addition, we meet for dinner once a month to socialize with each other.


Our name, Outreach, is a reflection of a focus on active outreach initiatives.  Our activities include helping sponsor several missionaries, assisting the Bethlehem Center, volunteering at the Soup Kitchen, sponsoring Christmas projects for the Charles Lea Center and Safe Homes Crisis Center, and preparing meals for SPIHN.  Our lessons rotate between several teachers primarily using the UMC adult lesson book.  Our ages are mixed – 30s and 40s to 70 and above.


Our group is mostly in our 40s.  The teachers change and each chooses our materials.  Some lessons have included a book study on So What’s The Difference by Fritz Ridenour and a video series with Francis Chan, Louie Giglio, John Ortberg, and Max Lucado.

Special Education

We welcome all adults with special needs.  Our main theme is “God is Love” and that there is no such thing as a disabled soul. We follow a pretty well ingrained routine since many of our students also have been diagnosed with an Autism disorder. We have a scripture lesson, followed by a 15-minute Sunday school lesson.  We then have a time for prayer, and refreshments. Some of the students will then go to “Big Church” where they participate just like anyone else in attendance. Those students who need to stay in our Sunday school area during this time go into another room where they engage in art activities or some other hands-on activity. Some simply desire to watch the upstairs Worship Service via closed circuit television.