Our Stories Volume 2 by Kady and Chris Moore

What were you looking for when you came to our church?

Chris & I were both raised in the church but in college and after we got married, we weren’t good about getting up on Sunday mornings anymore.  Basically, we just got lazy.  We had our first daughter, Hayley, in August of 2011.  When she was a few months old, we had a health scare with her which basically made us both nervous wrecks and I felt like I was constantly on the verge of breaking down.  Gigi was very religious about going to the contemporary worship service at Bethel and one weekend I told Chris I wanted to go and try it out.  I remember holding Hayley, singing and praying for everything with her to turn out ok.  Praise God, it did, but from that point on, we knew that church was something we absolutely needed back in our lives and we wanted to raise our children having a church family and a place to always go for love and support.  

What is your first memory of feeling like our church was your church home? 

I immediately felt welcomed at Bethel but I think the defining moment for me was when Chad invited me to play my violin in contemporary worship and when Christie Johnson invited me to my first bible study with Sue Ward.  Being able to offer my services in the form of music has been such a blessing the past several years and our bible study group has brought me so much encouragement and love. I look forward to meeting with this group of women and not just studying God’s word but talking about life with them.   

Since Chris had been a member since he was a kid, I think he has always known Bethel is his home.  😊

What do you appreciate most about the ministry of our church?  

The amount of time and love our members put into our children’s ministry is what we appreciate the most.  Our girls love being at church any day of the week and of course, they love Mrs. Jana, Jennifer and Margaret.  Having our girls grow up learning about and knowing God and God’s love for them is the most important thing we can give them. Bethel goes above and beyond with our children’s ministry.

Where did you learn generosity? 

Our parents and grandparents. They taught us to support in whatever way we can the things that we love and believe in. Tithing can be difficult, especially when you know that God won’t necessarily be “mad” at you.  It’s easy to think about all the other things that the money could go towards.   When you think about all God has done for you, all that God has provided with no strings attached, it helps you put that weekly amount of money into perspective. It is an honor to be able to give and support our church. 

Why do you choose to support our church with your financial gifts?

We feel truly at home at Bethel and want our church and church family to continue to thrive.  We want Bethel to be able to continue to minister to our children and our community.  It is important to us that we give all that we can give to ensure this will continue!  

What is your greatest hope for our church and the next generation that calls it their church home?  

To feel the love, support, encouragement, happiness and wholeness that we feel at Bethel now.

-Kady and Chris Moore

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