Our Stories Volume 4

Sheila and I found Bethel through the Bethel daycare program. We wanted
to find a loving and caring kindergarten daycare program for our sons,
Bryan and Darin. And, boy did we find a great program with dedicated and
loving teachers and staff.
Bryan and Darin were so well cared for in a loving Christian environment
that we decided to start coming to Worship services. Pretty soon we began
to feel so welcomed that we decided to become members at Bethel. We
were both raised in the Baptist church, but the transition to the Methodist
tradition was pretty easy.
We began to get to know people at Bethel and started getting involved in
some of the ministries. Some of the ministries were working with the Youth
Group, the BUMS and helping with the Return to Bethlehem project. The
first time I really felt like Bethel was my church home was in working to put
up the stage platform for the Christmas Cantata. Sheila and I went with the
BUMS on several summer mission trips. From there we got involved in as
many mission type efforts, small groups and worship experiences as we
We try to fulfill our vows to the church to give of our presence, service and
gifts as much as we can. We believe that all the gifts we receive in life
come from God and we are just here to manage what The Lord blesses us
with. The Lord has been so generous to us that we feel led to support the
church’s efforts to be generous and caring to all of our brothers and sisters
in Christ.
We hope that the small part we play in supporting the church’s ministries
will help the folks that follow us at Bethel or our young members who go out
into the world will continue Bethel’s spirit and work to spread God’s love to
whoever they can, wherever they can as much as they can.
Don and Sheila Worley

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