Worship Schedule Change

I want to let you know about a change to our Sunday morning schedule at Bethel starting Sunday, September 11th. We will be moving to a more conventional schedule in which we have contemporary worship at 9am in the gym, Sunday school at 10am, and traditional worship at 11am in the sanctuary. This change is necessary for several reasons. We believe this will give us, your pastors, better involvement in both services. We also hope this will revitalize our Sunday school program in the future, especially for our children. Lastly, we will soon be re-starting our Special Needs Sunday school class and a 10am start time is more conducive to its success. Thank you so much for your flexibility over the last year with our current schedule and for the ways in which we will adapt together in the future.

As the summer is winding to a close, I am thankful for all the ways that Bethel has remained active these past few months. I look forward to getting back into the rhythm and routine that the fall will bring and I hope that includes getting to see each of you on a more regular basis.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Brad Gray

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