2019 Christmas Event

We will have our “Brom”or Bethel Prom, on December 20 from 7 to 9 PM in Vassey Gym.




Past Events

Pigeon Forge Trip

Our winter trip was to Pigeon Forge, TN, January 18-21. We took part in some fun attractions in the area as we escaped from the tomb and learned to survive in medieval times at Magiquest. We also had the opportunity to see a great show at the “Stampede”.

More importantly, this trip was about making connections. We were able to make good connections with each other as we played games and hung out with each other. We also were able to connect with God in our small groups led by students. Our students were immersed in in-depth conversations about Christianity and Christian Life. The group was hungry for genuine worship as they sang loudly during worship times and were totally focused on the word delivered by Chad Deetz. Overall, we were challenged to live our lives for God so that He may be seen in us.

The students made huge strides in their faith and the group is growing!